Starting affiliate marketing business

There is a lot of opportunities to start a business in affiliate marketing.

There are many affiliates that you can promote all kind of products that you can be an affiliated with. Anything under the sun, the sky is the limit. But you ask yourself how do I get started, I know little about affiliate marketing. Where I get the training, where do I start. I was in the same boat at one time, but now I have been shown the way. I have a degree in web and graphic design, but I had now idea on how to grab just a part of this Trillion dollar a year that is made online. Now I have a website and I just got ranked on Bing and Yahoo. Bing I was ranked on the first page second link and on Yahoo first page third link. This all happened in less than 6 months, because of on thing and I will get to that later. There are lots of money to be made with affiliate marketing, if you know how.

Where do you find a good affiliate?

The thing that is good about being an affiliate marketer is that you don’t have to have inventory. You don’t have to tie up you money until you sell whatever product you would like to promote. Amazon, Walmart and Target all have affiliate programs if would like to sale physical products they pay 8 to 10% when you sell something for them. I know that don’t sound like much money, but it does add up and the more you do know about affiliate marketing, the better you will do. If you ,would rather sell digital products there are a lot of affiliates out there for you to promote their products. Some these affiliates products pay 50 to 60% when you sell a product for them. I will let you know how I know all I know about affiliate marketing, maybe later.

The way I ave learned how to find these affiliate is to do a search Product+affiliate. What ever you would like to promote + affiliate. An example of something you would to make money promoting is maybe something you would like to talk to someone about, something you know about.

Where did I learn about Affiliate Marketing

Let me tell you a little about myself, I am 63 years old now and have been online for 10 years. I got online and fell in love with the way that everything you want to know about any subject. I also saw how much money their is to be made online, but you have to be careful, because many online will sell you products, services or platforms that just don’t work. If they, do work you cannot get any support unless you pay more money. I know because I have purchased a lot of the junk that is online. I developed an eye after buying too much junk and spent a lot of money and got now closer to making money online than when I got online 10 years ago. Until I found the best platform online, but I will get to that in a minute. I saw the potental of making money online and not have to go anywhere or you can do it anywhere. So I deceided that I would go to college to learn how to build websites and I received my degree. I could build a website and make graphics, but I still didn’t know how to draw traffic. I found a platform that has every thing you need to learn how to get started making money online. The platform does not promise you overnight money, but it gives you training and support. The name of this great place, that I am glad to be a part of is Wealthy Affiliate And you can try it for 7 days free just for you to see if it is not everything that I have told you it is.

What all do you receive when you join Wealthy Affiliate?

  • The best training you can get from any where else online.
  • Step by step video training.
  • There is hundreds of hours of video training.
  • All videos are made by the founder of Wealthy Affiliate.
  • He has been making money online for over ten years.
  • The support is the best online because that the members are the support.
  • Some of our members are making 6-7 figure eanring a year.
  • The platform is designed so that you can work at you own speed.
  • If you have a question about anything that you are having trouble with just ask.
  • The best thing about Wealthy Affiliate is the family that you will have helping you along you journey.
  • Most other platform you have to submit a ticket and wait,wait and wait some more.
  • Here you ask a question here you will a lot of answers in mnutes from you new family.

Wealthy Affiliate Is the best learning platform online!

Where else can you get ranked on search engine in less than six months. Where can you get support in a very short time, most places that you get support for a product takes days, if it comes at all. The atmospear here  at Wealthy Affiliate is so good that it helps you in you training. Every member just wants to see you succeed and offer any help that you will need. I feel like I have family now, because I am the last one of my family living, now I have a new family. Kyle the founder of Wealthy Affiliate calls it a community, but it feels more like family to me. I have bought so many products that didn’t give a damn if you succeeded or not, most just want you to buy their product and after that you are own you own. Here at WA , most of us call it that when we are posting on the platform, all everyone here is to you succeed and will help you all along the way. I am a member and I am so glad I found Wealthy Affiliate and I hope you try it also. Try Wealthy Affiliate for 7 days for free.


  1. Nsikakabasi

    Affiliate marketing for is best line of business and with the help of wealthy affiliate this has been going well.

    Wealthy affiliate have taught me a lot in how to grow my business and build a great website. They have lots of tools on the platforms which would help you in creating rich post and gain more traffic.

    • David Guffey

      Nsikakabasi this is best learning platform to build a online business anywhere! The training and support is also the best I have found in nine years of searching online for Wealthy Affiliate. I just wish I had found it years ago, in stead of going back to school. I have learn more in six months about starting an online business than I learned in four of college. Best wishes on your journey.

  2. Louis

    Affiliate marketing is really an attractive source of income online. However, to make reasonable headway in the affiliate marketing world, you need a very good training and support team. This is why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate because you get to learn a lot about affiliate marketing. You also have access to premium software tools like jaaxy and the support from the Wealthy Affiliate family is just overwhelming.

    Be an action taker, register free at Wealthy Affiliate.

  3. ArtianB

    Hello!I am ArtianB member of wealthy affiliate program for the second year. I want to thank you for the article that you write for this program. This program is not free but is the most easy and the best, because the community is the one who gives the help with it great for any need. Even I have bought some garbage programs to increase my site traffic, but did not help me at all.This is the program I have suggested and I continue to propose to all friends who ask me, who is the best program to make money online.Thank you !I wish you all the best too !

    • David Guffey

      I think that the support is the best thing about WA, because, someone will get back to you very quickly. Most Platforms, like you I have bought some junk products that were hype and no help to you at all..I wished I had found Wealthy Affiliate two years ago like you did. I have been  with WA almost six months, I still have not made a sale, but there so many people promoting WA it is a hard platform to promote. I will make some sales I think , but I am going to open another website on niche marketing. Maybe Homemade Wine, because I have been making my own wine for about three years and make some good tasting wine, it is something I like and have knowledge of how to make good wine for about $13.00 for five gallons of high alcohol content or a better tasting wine. I drink it myself. I know that you know how good a platform WA is and how much it has helped you with your online business.  

  4. Olalekan

    Thanks for sharing this review. The best place to be for online financial breakthrough is wealthy affiliate. The training and courses offered are superb. I joined a week now and going through the training I know it is the right place to be. Making people to be financially liberated is goal of WA. It’s a steady process and it is achievable. 

    • David Guffey

      You are right about that, it is the best training and support platform online any where. I have found a home here at WA, because it is the best place to learn how to make money online. The support is great, because of the speed of the support it is almost instance. Other platforms the support is so slow that by the time you receive and answer to your question, you have gotten off track, out of the groove. Best wishes on your journey.

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