Small businesses will boost sales Spread your business everywhere!

Small businesses will boost sales

Spread your business everywhere!

The best thing about Wealthy Affiliate is the training, followed closely by the support from what I call my new family. Ask any question about something you don’t understand. Someone in the community will answer quickly and the training just follow the steps and watch the videos. Like any business it takes time to build an audience and customers. If you want to be an affiliate or you have your own product or service, just follow the steps in the training and you will be online in minutes.

Websites give your business a boost!

If you are a store front business or an online business Wealthy Affiliate will get your business website up and online in minutes. The training gives you all the information that is needed to get your business online and WA support you will never like you are doing this alone. I have a degree in web and graphic design, but I didn’t know where to start and what to do first. Making money online is made easy. This is the best training platform online and I have bought a lot of programs and junk in the 9 years I have been trying to make money online.

Making money online made easy.

I don’t know what is the best thing about Wealthy Affiliates. Then training or the support from the founders all the way down to the community. We are just one big family that want all our members to succeed, I have never asked a question that I didn’t get a response within minutes most of the time. No matter if you think the question is silly, ask and someone will give you an answer quickly.

With your own website you can boost your sales!

Having a website is the best way to spread

your message or product to the local people in your area. Having your business with an online presence. Just set your specials, events and coupons, with a website you can get the most out of your business. The training at Wealthy Affiliate you can really put your business into the next level. Learning how to make your website work to send more business to your storefront business is not easy. The most important thing about a website is getting traffic and this is not an easy task. This is why you need training, hosting and support, which is where Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform for everything that you will ever need to bring your business to the next level.

How do you get a website set up and online.

I went to school to learn how to build a website, but coding everything in a pain in the butt. One little mistake and you whole code does not work right, leaving a comma out will ruim every bit of code. The platform at Wealthy Affiliate Shows you the way to build your website without doing any coding at all. Wealthy Affiliate provides all the images you could ever want to give youe website a great look, with a million free images. Step by step training on how to build your website from the ground up. Every step with videos on how to do every step, with text training as well. If you get stuck, all you have to do is just ask a question and within minutes you will have people that have been building websites for years giving you the help you will need. One of the best things about Wealthy Affiliate is the support, I have tried other platforms and you have to wait forever to get an answer to any question. Sometimes for days, but with Wealthy Affiliate the members are your support team and there is always someone online to help you right when you need the help. I am building a new website right now and couldn’t get on my website, but submitted a support ticket and within minutes I got a message saying try it now. I went to my dashboard and clicked the log-in button. My website opened and I was working on it within minutes. This is why Wealthy Affiliate is the best website building platform online anywhere.

With a membership, you get 25 sub-domain websites and if you buy domain names you get 25 more websites with hosting. That way you can build a website on a sub-domain just to see if you can drive traffic to that niche. 50 websites with hosting for $49.00 a month, plus training and the best support that I have found anywhere, in the nine years of buying promises with no results.

What do you get for your no money trial?

Well let me see to start with you get two websites with hosting, just see if you like the platform. The best training and support anywhere online, step by step video on how to set up your websites. Video training on how to pick which niche to build your websites to promote. Keyword training and how to set up your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on your website. On the best training and support platform online, Wealthy Affiliate no credit card needed.

What do get for your money after your free trial.

  1. Training
  2. Support
  3. Step by step video training
  4. Keyword Training
  5. 50 websites with hosting
  6. SEO training
  7. Content training
  8. Google Acrylics training
  9. Drop-ship store training
  10. 100s of training videos, more added everyday.

    In concluision

    You Can set there and wish that you were making more money or that you were your own boss. Or you could take a chance that this is your chance to learn how to make money online. I did and I am glad I took the chance to make the money I deserve, I wasted four years going back to school, because I have learned more in six months than I did going back to school. This is your opportunity to get what you deserve, make the amount of money that you can have a good life and work from home. Now is what you have been looking for, the best training and support anywhere online. I spent $56,000 on an education that I can’t get a job with, Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform to learn how to make money online and you try it out for free.


    1. JJ

      David, I agree with you on your description of Wealthy Affiliates. The best things about that platform are: 1) The support 2) The training and explanations and 3) The many different ways you can earn an income. It is true that even if you are running a local business, you can use the marketing facilities to earn money using the tools. Thank you for your information.

      • David Guffey

        JJ this is the best place to learn how to make money online. Just because of the training and support, which I know because I have bought so many lies and promises on other platforms. If you have been trying to make money online I guess you have too. I have a degree in Web and graphic design, I didn’t learn anything about how to make money online, but I did learn how to make killer graphics, which when I get this problem with my laptop fixed y’all will see a big difference in my sites.

    2. Yormith96

      Hi there, I want to say one of the best decision of my life I have taken was when I decided to be an upgraded premium member on wealthy affiliate, if had known about them since I was in university, my business life will have grown more than this, but within the little period of time I have joined, I have seen a lot of turn around in my financial life and am doing everything from the comfort of my own and working as myself boss. I will advice people to join now and not stand there watching us making money as own boss 

    3. Kenechi

      I totally agree with you. There is no such platform as wealthy affiliates. I think this is what I have been searching for all these while and am going to make it real big here in no time as I work hard. Wealthy affiliates is worth the time I invest in it. The training is so detailed that everyone can be carried along. The benefits are inexhaustible. 

      • David Guffey

        Kenehi, I agree a hundred percent, I fill like I wasted my time going to college. I do like what I learned about graphic design, but I can’t find a job doing it because I don’t have any experience and I am almost 64 years old. Who is going to hire an old man,lol, but here this is what I thought I was going to learn in college. Wealthy Affiliate is better than what I learned in college, they didn’t teach me a thing about WordPress. Glad you are here and thanks for the comment.

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