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Millionaire BizPro Review, Scam Or is it Real?

Is Millionaire Bizpro a real deal or something made to sell, after I explain what I know about it, you can make up your own mind. The idea of the video is great for sales, but it is unrealistic to think that in the time you are watching the video the site has made the kind of money shown to have been generated. I know this, because I have been trying to sell a great product that does just what it says it will do and affiliate marketing is tough to get started in. You need training not false promises! 

Is Millionaire Biz a Scam?

Well now it is not a total scam, you get something for your money, but does it do as promised. The video shows you making money in minutes, I do not think even the online Guru’s make money that fast on a new website. To get traffic to your new website takes time and users have to trust the website before they buy anything from a website. Trust is not something that comes that quickly. Is Millionaire BizPro a total scam, now it is a product that delivers you a website and some training, but the support is slow or not at all. The promises of the money on the video that is misinformation used to get you to buy their product.

What do you get for the start-up price?

You get a website and a few training videos that just show you how to set up your website. It does not give you much in the way of keyword research or content writing. It do not give you any type of training on Google Analytic or how to find products to promote. They just want you to promote their products and make them more money. After the $47.00, start up fee the Millionaire BizPro keeps offering upgrades that can run into thousands of dollars. Without the upgrades your website will not bring you anywhere the promised of 1000s of dollars a day.

What I Think of Millionaire BizPro!

This is like the many junk products that I have bought in the past, good sale’s video with a lot of testimonials that you see as real, but most are paid actors that you see on a lot of junk products. This my opinion, that if you believe the video I have some swamp land in Arizona you can spend your money on, it will bring you about as much money.

If You Want to Learn How to Make Money Online!

There are some good platforms online, but you need to research some before you buy any product online! Research will save you a lot of time and money. I have joined a platform that will teach you how to make money online and has the best support system anywhere online. Support on any product or platform is very important, without support if you don’t understand something in the training, what do you do without someone helping you with what you don’t understand. The idea of just setting up a website and expect money without any work on the website is unrealistic. Nothing comes without work if you are online or offline, it takes time and work. You have to build trust in your business, if users don’t trust what you are saying. Why would they buy anything from your business?

Do You Desire to Make Money Online?

Without the correct training and support you will fail. Millionaire BizPro gives a sales page website and that is all. I didn’t buy Millionaire BizPro, but I fell for the quick money promises with another one of Derek’s other products. I ask for a refund the second day that I had not made a dime. I tried to get support and didn’t get any response, so I ask for a refund and after 3 to  5 days I received my refund. If you keep the product for longer than sixty days you have a website that you may be stuck with that will never making any money at all. If you have bought this platform, please do as I did get your money back, because it will never work as promised. Look for reviews of the product and do your research on different digital marketing products or platforms.  I will take you to a platform that will teach you how to make money online. Do You Desire To Make Money online? 

Do You Desire to Learn How to Make Money Online?

   From the best training and support platform online, I have bought junk like Millionaire BizPro for years and I have finally found something that makes you no promises about overnight riches, but it will show you how to make money online!  One thing it takes to make real money online is time, training and support. Building trust for your website by helping others, like I am trying to help you. By showing you a platform that will show you the way to make all the money you want to make. To change your life for the better. Please take this chance, you can try it out for free.

 In Conclusion, Join Wealthy Affiliate or Buy Junk!

  I have a thousand reasons why I am so Happy, that after all my searching I have found something I feel good about the money I have spent.  This is the best place to learn how to really make an income that will give you the life you havre always wanted. Wealthy Affiliate is the best palce to learn what it takes to make money online and the best support anywhere online. The best thing is That You Can Try Wealthy Affiliate For Free, No Credit Card Needed!  If I where you I would research both Wealthy Affiliate and Millionaire BizPro and make up your own mind. I gauratee you will not see one bad review on Wealthy Affiliate and all you will see is bad reviews on Millionaire BizPro! It is your time and money, but I know where I have found a home with Wealthy Affiliate