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Making online is not easy to get started, but with the right training even beginners can make money online. It is not an overnight thing, as in any business it takes time to build trust and followers. The training here at Wealthy Affiliate if you have been using the computer making money online or don’t barely know how to turn a computer on is the best platform to start your learning on how to build a website and how to get traffic. I spent $56,000 going to college to learn how to build websites, but the degree program just taught your how to code and use software. It didn’t teach how to get traffic or how to write content. College just gives you the basics on everything, I do have a degree that I cannot find a job anywhere, because I don’t have any experience in the field. I feel like I wasted four years and all that money for what? The degree that I have not made one dollar with and four years of time. I have learned more in the six months with Wealthy Affiliate than four years in college.

This is the best platform for beginners making money online!

The best thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that your can try the training and get two websites, hosting to build to see if your like the platform. The websites can be online within an hour, but your have to decide what your want to sell or promote. The way to decide is your pick something your have interest or knowledge in the niche. If your don’t know what a niche is, let me explain. A niche is a product, service or platform that has users running searches for and Wealthy Affiliate provides you with the training and tools to get you started on the way for beginners making money online. Training for the first month is free. The two websites are free, with hosting just to see if this training platform is right for you. The training covers everything how to build your first website, keywords and images. How to design your website and how to install images, what and how to find keywords that is what brings visitors to your website. With the best support that is better than the college I attended, all you need to do is just try it for free. This is the best decision I have ever made in my life, even better than going back to school. From beginner to expert in less time than going to college and the cost is much less. If your have ever thought about trying making money online, the beginners training making money online is the best.

How do I know that Wealthy Affiliate is the best?

I joined, is how I know, because I have been searching for a platform that is designed for one purpose, to show your in steps of training, how making money online. I have watched and bought so much stuff that are made for one thing to sale and not help you in your desire to learn the proper way to be a success as an online businessman! Most products or platforms give you enough training and information to get your lost quickly. TO try to use their product or platform, without success! To try to get support that either takes too long or worse doesn’t come at all. Well I have been a member here at Wealthy Affiliate for six months now, even though I have not received not one penny from my association with Wealthy Affiliate, I feel like I am moving forward toward my goal. I have been waiting for nine years for something like this platform, for me to find. During these nine years, I have received a degree from the University of Phoenix, in Web and Graphic Design.

But until now have I found something that I can use making my dream a reality, something made not to sell, but to train and help them reach their goal. I did go to the wrong online University to start with, but just like Wealthy Affiliate that has show me how to put what I have learned into action. The University that I went to starting my new direction I will not mention their name, but I wasted three plus years, without a degree. Then I found the University of Phoenix they helped me with completing an associates degree in a little short of 13 months I received my degree. At the other college I attended, I was one credit short when I funked out. I failed Algebra II three times which I passed at the University of Phoenix with a B+. Was it me or the same professor that I failed the same class three times, I will leave this up to your to ponder, but don’t ponder on Wealthy Affiliate, because you are just wasting time. You have found a place that all they want you to succeed, with the training and support that your deserve to learn how making beginners into Wealthy Affiliates, and start for free.

What do I have to do tell your a lie!

Before you will take action to change your life, online it is a trillion dollar a year business. Now that is a bunch of cash and would your not like to know how to start making a little of a trillion dollars. It is there for you to get a piece of the trillion dollars a year market. Everything your need to know how to do this great thing that is going making your your own boss. Teach your everything your need to know how to get your your piece of the pie. I cannot make you, just try this great training, support and so much more. I just don’t want your to waste your time and find out the way I have in the past. A lot of liars and scammers online, but I am try to send you in the right direction. You can try it for free here. At Wealthy Affiliate.

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  1. Ayodeji

    Making money can be hectic, taking a lot of works and risk. But the main issue is not the work, it’s knowing that at the end of the day, you are going to get paid for the work. This is what I love about Wealthy Affiliate, everything about them is awesome and it’s a place to really be for beginners and lovers of blog. This is really helpful. Keep up the good work. 

    • David Guffey

      You said it all and all I have left to say is welcome. You just remember “don’t ever give up and never surrender”.

  2. Ennymatics

    Wealthy affiliate is a platform for training beginners in website building as well as search engine optimization of website contents. Even as an intermediate or an expert, wealthy affiliate could still earn you a large chunk and you get to earn as you learn from the platform. It takes you through the basics of website creation and traffic generation.

    • David Guffey

      You said it all and all I have left to say is welcome. You just remember “don’t ever give up and never surrender”.

  3. Louis

    Thanks for this wonderful write-up. Making money online is definitely not easy especially when you don’t have the right information and mindset. I have also learned a lot at Wealthy Affiliate, makes me wonder why I need a college degree. 

    I don’t think anyone can have regrets about joining Wealthy Affiliate. However, this is not a get rich overnight scheme and you must be ready to put in the work.

    • David Guffey

      You said it all and all I have left to say is welcome. You just remember “don’t ever give up and never surrender”.

  4. Nsikakabasi

    Thanks for this post it has really enlightened me a lot on this aspect am actually having issues with making money online and I have a question I would love you to answer if you don’t mind.

    1. Concerning wealthy affiliate how much do I need to start?

    2. How many websites can I host so I know how many business I can create on the platform.

  5. Kenechi

    Making money online in wealthy affiliate is really a training for everybody and it is newbie friendly. It is good for both newbie and and already established person in the online world. Everything you need to succeed online is in wealthy affiliate and am really enjoying this great platform seriously and aspiring to do very great here. 

    • David Guffey

      You said it all and all I have left to say is welcome. You just remember “don’t ever give up and never surrender”.

  6. Polycarp Momoh

    I recently just upgraded to premium for the first time. And I am hoping high. I too have knowledge about HTML CSS and JavaScript. I can build you a website  but that’s all I can do.  But here we get ” knowledge that moves ” from what I’ve learnt and witnessed about this platform wealthy affiliates. So I just pray that I get everything and prosper like most are doing on here . 

    • David Guffey

      I have an degree in web and graphic also, but after school I could not find a job. I am so glad that I found WA and you will be also. I have learn more in 6 months about making online than I did in 4 years of college. Like any business success will not come over night. I knew in two days after starting on WA that is where I need to be.Just remember “don’t ever give up and never surrender”.

  7. geebehn

    I just went through your article and it was lovely, but how can I make money through this Wealthy Affiliate you talked about?. You also said I will learn to build a website on wealthy affiliate, how through and what can on website will I learn to build on wealthy affiliate, is it your normal kind of website like a wordpress website or the one that involves Coding and apart from building website what other thing will I be taught there?.. Thanks

    • David Guffey

      Just remember this is not a get rich overnight thing, like when you start any business it will take time to build trust and visitors to your website. The website you build will be a WordPress website,but there is no coding involved. There is step by step training on what you need to do, I spent $56,000 going to college and have learn more about making money online in 6 months than in 4 years of school. You can make up your mind, with a 7 day trial for free. The training is top notch and the support is the best online.If you want to take a look at all you get at Wealthy Affiliate just click on this link and try it for free.

  8. Yormith96

    Hello there, thanks for sharing your review about wealthy affiliate, I must tell u that u have done a great job and have added more knowledge to me about wealthy affiliate as newbie in the, system.  I joined wealthy affiliate this month through the help of a friend I met online and I must say it’s my great decision this year, I have upgraded to premium membership and doe online training, also I have created my own blog website, WA is just the best online making money platform 

  9. Shellykh

    Great post. I honestly am glad I found Wealthy Affiliate and I really wished I have found it much sooner. Even if I find it just a month sooner would make a difference! I signed up about a month ago and I am truly am astound by how much knowledge they provide and the community there is the best! But I always wonder which path would make money sooner. Would you go with making a niche website or a website that promotes WA?

    • David Guffey

      I have been searching for Wealthy Affiliate for nine years, that is why I spent $56.000 going to school and learned more in 6 months here about making money online, than in 4 years of college. I wished I had found WA before I went to school. If you have tythe time to get two websites up and running try to promote WA on one site and start a niche site on the other. that way you could make some money while waiting on your WA site to take off.

  10. Daniel

    I must say that this article is very helpful David. There are so many people out there who want to earn money online but they don’t know where to start. When I found Wealthy Affiliate for the first time I was skeptical but later I discovered that it is one awesome community full of honest and hard-working people. Definitely, one of the greatest platforms to make money with.

    • David Guffey

      Daniel I could tell in the first two days I was on the Wealthy Affiliate platform that it is a winner. Support is the best part of the platform, because on other platforms you have to submit a ticket and wait,wait and wait again, By the time you receive the answer, if you do at all, you are off what you were doing. Usually you have to start over or just get mad and quit. Thank the good Lord for Kyle and his team here at Wealthy Affiliate.

  11. Melissa

    Hi there, this sounds interesting. You say that training for the first month is free, how much is it after the first month? And what if I want more than 2 websites, can I purchase those from Wealthy Affiliate? You say you have been waiting for 9 years to find the platform but what is it about the platform that has changed your mind? I don’t want to go to university again to pay for another degree but I want good quality training too. Thanks in advance.

  12. Tsquare

    Nice honest preview of wealthy affiliate. This is a platform seriously made for the beginners. The training ms are very self teaching and you will meet great entrepreneur that are rich and successful who are ready to take you by hand to lead you to success regardless of where you came from or your background. There are many means of making money from the platform which are very amazing. I write and post comment to other people’s blog and make cool money here. In short there is no site like wealthy affiliate. 

    • David Guffey

      Tsquare you see what I was saying is true. I love the way the whole platform works and the support is the best online. If you don’t understand something, someone will have an answer for you,all you have to do is ask. The training is designed so well that even a beginner can make it work for them. I love Wealthy Affiliate, is the best thing that I have found online in nine years of looking for this great platform.

  13. faftop

    Thanks for this article, I love the simplicity at which you write. Short, precise and straight to point. I as a person went through a lot just to achieve my goal of earning online, but frustration as always being the answer. One needs a proper guide to be able to do it right. O just joined WA and I must confess that platform is loaded, and it’s capable of turning a newbie to a pro.

    • David Guffey

      I am a to the point kind of guy, I guess that is why I have never did well with women. lol  Welcome to our family here at Wealthy Affiliate and I know you will do well.

  14. Paschal

    David your exposition is very cute.  A trillion dollars per year market opportunity is quite large. I wonder why any one would not take the advantage that wealthy Affiliate offers to take home a percentage of the trillion. I am glad I tested the opportunity and I can confirm with you that it worth every cent 

    • David Guffey

      There are billions of people online and like you we just want our fair share. Yes you have came to the right place to learn how to get started making online. The support is the best of any platform online, I know and maybe you do also, most platforms out have bad support, because you have to wait so long for an answer to your support matter. By the time you get an answer, you are off track and have about start over. Welcome to to our family! 

  15. Vapz

    I have also recently joined the Wealthy Affiliates family and I must say, it is one big family with a whole lot of people eager to make newbies like me feel welcomed and cared for. I have just started the first training too and after looking through all of the trainings available, I am lost as to which of them is going to give me the quickest knowledge to be able to carry on and then when I have set up my blogs I can then go back to the ones that I haven’t looked at and take the trainings. So, if you don’t mind, can you recommend the ones that you found to be most helpful in setting up? I need to hit the ground running. 

    • David Guffey

      Good for you, we are one big family and the training that I got the most out of is the SEO and how to add different affiliate products to you website. If you don’t know anything about starting to build your website, you need to start from the beginning and watch all of them.

  16. jaykaynigltd

    Great article!! The method used I’ll determine how much you make!it

    it so helpful that any newbie should be able to do well to an extent.

     It’s an expository article that shows how you can make a living on the internet especially with wealthy affiliate. 

    what other affiliate marketing will you recommend for beginners? 

    what are the means you can earn money on wealthy affiliate?

    • David Guffey

      I have a degree in web and graphic design, but I couldn’t figure out how to get traffic to my websites. I searched for nine years before I found Wealthy Affiliate, try it for free. Click on the link and you can try it yourself. Everything I tried was just made to sale not to use, because they just didn’t work. You ask if I would recommend another affiliate marketing platform, not I would not because this is the place to learn how to get started making money online. Just like any business you start takes time to build trust and get traffic to come to your business. If it is a storefront or an online business you have to build followers. The training and support is the best I have found in Nine years of searching and buying junk, that promise you to start making money in minutes. It is a lie and they are just trying to get your money with the hype, not a working platform or product, they just don’t work. Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal, they give you the training to make money online and the support is the best online that I have in nine years of looking for something that is everything it says it is. Click on this link Wealthy Affiliate and try it for 7 days for free.

  17. Steve

    I have a very similar experience as you. I went to college as well, got a four year degree, and haven’t really used it for it’s original purpose. I learned a great deal about writing well, but that was my biggest takeaway. I wish I had known about Wealthy Affiliate earlier in my life…I feel like I could have been so much further along the way than I am now. 

    You said you have been a part of it for 6 months, now. I have read a lot of people say that it takes about that amount of time for things to get really get going. Do you sense it is about to start doing that for you or might it take a little longer?

    • David Guffey

      Unless you are right out of high school and go to college it might get you a job, because they can get a lot time out of you. Still you will never make a lot of money, this is where the money is. 

      You said it all and all I have left to say is welcome. You just remember “don’t ever give up and never surrender”.

  18. Dapoach

    It is really true that we don’t get all there is in the four walls of the institution. I think the major learning starts after school.I am super glad to join and being a premium member of the Wealthy Affiliates community. Its advantages cannot be over emphasized, as it has thought me from the scratch how to build a website and also get traffic to it. Thanks so much for this informative post of yours. Hope to read more similar posts from you subsequently

    • David Guffey

      Dapouch you are true about that we really waste our school years and don’t realize it until we get out into the real world. I worked in textiles for 10 years it is hot and dirty work, but I saw the end coming to textiles in this country. I went to the tech school and learned hoe to repair and paint cars, which I did for 39 years. I should have taken computers, because after the working on cars for that long of a time. I went back to school and received a degree in web and graphic design. Working on cars wore my body out, getting up and down, the concret floors didn’t help any either. Now her I am 63 years old learning again, the only time you quit learning is when you are dead. Best wishes, because here if you stick to the training and ask questions, you don’t need luck here at Wealthy Affiliate.

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