Legalization of Marijuana.


Why Should Marijuana be Legal?

Is this 1933 again or the new century, there is still prohibition of something that has more good points than bad. This prohibition is not accomplishing anything, but costing the country billions on interdiction and housing of Marijuana inmates.

With the country in as bad shape financially, the government is spending millions in interdiction, when they could be getting taxes. With the cost of housing prison inmates that the only thing that got them there is Marijuana. It would take away the billion dollar income from drug cartels. It would create stability and decrease violence in Mexico, which in turn would decrease immigration from there. Tax revenue would go up. It would give entrepreneurs a good chance to succeed. Jobs would be created.

Alcoholic beverages are legal and society is fine with it. Even with all health problems and deaths that alcohol causes, there not been one death from Marijuana that has been documented. The government is overlooking a good great source of taxable income and a good great savings on interdiction and housing prison inmates.

Prohibition of Marijuana is Not Working.

Jeffrey A. Miron Visiting Professor of EconomicsHarvard University said in this article, “One issue in this debate is the effect oevents taxation of marijuana production and sale. If marijuana were legal, enforcement costs would be negligible and governments could levy taxes on the production and sale of marijuana. Thus, government expenditure would decline and tax revenue would increase.”(Miron.) The help to this country from taxes could solve the national debt. The savings on interdiction and freeing up resources that could strengthen the country’s military and law enforcement to fight terrorism at home and abroad

With the cost of housing just the inmates that have Marijuana offenses, believe it or not, cost American tax payers one billion dollars per year. Offenders make up 12 percent of the prison population, the ratio is higher than any other offense; this should make the point that something needs to be done. With the rising cost of marijuana prohibition on already stretched government budgets. Prohibition entails direct enforcement costs, prison costs and court costs, money that could be used for other things.

Medical uses of Marijuana.

The medical uses are just now being taken serious, with more doctors changing their minds. The government controlled studies have been geared so the results go along government guidelines. In 2009 the AMA said this” “Our AMA urges that marijuana’s status as a good federal Schedule I controlled substance be reviewed with the goal of facilitating the conduct of clinical research and development of cannabinoid-based medicines, and alternate delivery methods. This should not be viewed as an endorsement of state-based medical cannabis programs, the legalization of marijuana, or that scientific evidence on the therapeutic use of cannabis meets the current standards for a good prescription drug product.”( AMA Policy: Medical Marijuana)

According to the AMA that you can read for yourself, ( ) should remove Marijuana from the Schedule I, saying that Marijuana has many medicals uses. Even then the AMA didn’t go as far as to say that they support smoking Medical Marijuana. The organization recommended at an interim meeting in Houston last week that marijuana be removed from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration’s Schedule I category of drugs, which includes heroin and LSD. Drugs that have no medical use at all.

Aggarwal convinced the AMA to start a good one-year study on the use of Marijuana for chronic pain. The Aggarwal study of 139 patients with chronic pain and discovered that medical marijuana relieved many symptoms including nerve damage and back pain.

Diseases And Conditions that Medical Marijuana have been proven to relieve symptoms.

  1. . The ability to lessen tremors in Parkinson’s disease.
  2. It is quite effective for the chronic pain.
  3. It is clearly safer than opiates.
  4. Marijuana appears to ease the pain of multiple sclerosis, and nerve pain.
  5. Fantastic muscle relaxant.
  6. Fibromyalgia.
  7. Endometriosis.
  8. Interstitial cystitis.
  9. Manage nausea and weight loss.
  10. PTSD in veterans returning from war zones.
  11. Irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s diseaseThe list just goes on and on of all the benefits of Medical Marijuana. Their so many good things about Medical Marijuana, they by far out weight any if, because I have use Marijuana for most of my life and I know of its benefits.

North Carolina Wake Up and Get Medical Marijuana!

I have been a good life long resident of North Carolina for my whole life and I have used Marijuana illegally for 47 years. It has help me from suffering with chronic pain my whole life, from an injury that I had when I was 6-8 and I am almost 64. When I was 55 I started a good degree program in web and graphic design and I received my degree in 2015. I smoked marijuana the whole time I attended an online school. I not only was taking college classes, I was also learning the computer, because I had been online for 5 months before I started an online degree program. If I don’t know what they are talking about that marijuana destroys brain cells, if it did I would be brain-dead. This not a good drug it is medicine, a good nature herb with no bad side effects and it helps with wide range of conditions. With 85% of the people saying that Medical Marijuana should be legal, over 60% say it should be legal for recreational purposes. According to NORML there are growing sediments in Washington about ending the 100-year prohibition on Marijuana!

Profits From the Legalization of Marijuana.

The legalization of marijuana in Canada has brought 3500% profits to investors of start up Marijuana companies.according Money Magazine. This was in a good earlier article, but with all new companies starting up every day, there are many more making Start-up companies that it is worth looking into. With all new things, sooner or later, the bubble will burst. I still think if you research the companies on how well the management has been running things. How much capital the company, and how well the stocks have rose in value. I have another Link to another article publication in another source; Investor’s Business Daily.

The other thing about Medical Marijuana, how much suffering and pain relief, would it help stay off opiates I believe it would help. Just think how much money would go into your state’s budget and how much money it would save on housing of good citizens in prison, where they don’t need to be. Free up police to solve real crime not chasing people for wanting to smoke weed.

Who Buys Legal Weed?

I know how many people that I know that smoke Marijuana, How many of my readers know a good lot of good decent hard-working citizens, do you know that smoke marijuana? A lot of people my age smoke weed and I am 63.8, most baby boomers smoked Marijuana when they were younger, quit because of the prohibition and label of having no medical value. Now they are back to smoking, because it is getting less thought of badly. Many people are using it as medicine of all ages, but the Trump administration still will not even many medical organizations are saying that Marijuana has medical uses and the 30 states have said it has medical uses. I think it is time for a good forward thinking President, leave me a good comment at the end of this article.

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  1. Gomer

    There’s no doubt marijuana can help improve medical conditions, and in fact, some related stuffs like CBD are finding their way into the medical world. If the benefits we can get outweighs the danger it can give, then why not? Why not legalized it?

    There’s just one concern for me with this plan. Is it true that there were crimes committed by individuals who were high in marijuana? If that is true, then that could be a hurdle towards the legalization of this stuff.

    • David Guffey

      I don’t think that marijuana ever impairs you to do anything but laugh and eat. I have smoked weed for 48 years and I have a lot of chronic pain and I don’t sleep well, because I was trying to find a job and jump the hurdles that it takes to be helped by a Pain Management clinic. I guess it is back to the reefer madness, that has no known medical use, but doctors in 30 states says it does have a bunch of medical uses. Thanks for the comment,thanks Sruffey.

  2. TimMoto

    Great article on arguing for the legalization of marijuana at the Federal level.  There are still a lot of states holding out on the legalization issue as you know.  It is legal in California where I live…thank goodness.  I am a baby boomer and have smoked marijuana on and off since my early 20’s.  I absolutely support releasing inmates who are incarcerated due to marijuana issues and taking that money we’d save and use it for reducing the deficit.  

    Treating chronic pain with it is really critical for a lot of people.  I have back surgery coming up in June and will ask for a prescription for medical marijuana.  The doctor is quite conservative and I’ll bet I end up with an opiate instead.  I have an opiate now that I’m taking for pain leading up to my surgery, so it should be an interesting conversation. 

    I’m surprised that Canada beat us to it..legalizing it before we did here in the US.  

    I also smoked through college and it didn’t prevent me from graduating with my undergraduate degree in business.  

    Thanks for the support your giving the issue!

    • David Guffey

      I live in North Carolina, They are pushing for at least medical Marijuana, maybe this year. We are a state that we as citizens cannot vote on a bill like you can in California. It is not fair that this state you as a citizen cannot get enough signatures to add a bill into our state legislature, like you can in a lot of states. Thanks for the comments, thanks Sruffey. 


    When some people heard marijuana, they will think this thing is a bad thing, is a drug, but I know on medical use, it is a very common thing, but I don’t know marijuana can heal so many diseases And conditions! Thank you for this article! I will share this to all of my friends, let them know this thing is not just a drug.

    • David Guffey

      I smoked marijuana when I was 16 and I am almost 64, this is 48 years and I have enough brain to get a degree, four years ago. Too many people that have not tried marijuana and they are the ones making laws about something they don’t know nothing about. I have always call marijuana the spice of life, because I have used it for medicine. Thanks for the comments,thanks Sruffey.

  4. Michael

    Hey, I’m all for the legalization of weed. Although I think I would make cookies instead of smoking it. lol It’s a very interesting way of promoting Wealthy Affiliate. I think I would go ahead and join WA so I could buy more weed 😮 On second thought, I bet it would make my problem with procrastination a little worse.

    Seriously though, unique idea. 


    • David Guffey

      I think Marijuana is a great niche in its self, because legalization is coming, even in my backwards state, of North Carolina. There are so many products that when this does happen, the ones on the top and have been promoting this niche will be the ones enjoying the success of being one of the first that see this as a profit making niche. Thank you for your comments, thanks Sruffey.

  5. Thomas

    Nice website and good information. There are pros and cons of the topic. It is good to try to alleviate the debt problem, create jobs. The biggest con, in my opinion, is the fact too much regulation comes into play. Or does it? When you have people growing more, or any amount without being licensed, then the crime occurs. Why not do it legally? But as the author stated about alcohol, well there are people out there I’m sure, that brew beyond what they are allowed to, but there is no inquisition. And the medical benefits along with the obviously less volatile substance of marijuana, are far less harmful than alcohol. Studies DO prove this.To me, I think it would be nice if everyone were allowed to grow, brew there own, and just not sell at all. Trade, don’t ask for money. That seems to be where a big part of the problem is at. Then yes, there wouldn’t be more revenue for the things described. It is ironic that schools are built with the tax money, and they are putting people in jail for related, let’s say…”offensives”.

    • David Guffey

      I have been stopped and searched so many times as a kid, for suspicion of having a little weed, but they never did catch me for weed. I did this post about Legalization of Marijuana, because I am really for at least the federal getting marijuana off the no medical use list, other drugs on the list are heron and LSD. Thanks for the comments,Thanks Sruffey.

  6. nasrin19

    Hi, I have read your “Legalization of Marijuana” article very carefully.I am very excited to read your article.I am trying to learn an online market and new topics every day.Great article on arguing for the Legalization of marijuana at the Federal level.I got six guideline from your article.It’s a very interesting way of promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

    Many people think that Marijuana is a bad thing, it’s a drug.But I don’t know Marijuana can heal so many diseases and conditions.Aggarwal did one year research on 139 patients.There are several significant guides found in Marijuana remedies and observations.

    Thanks for your giving the issue.

    • David Guffey

      Thanks, you know marijuana is a Herb, not A drug. I have smoked marijuana for 48 years and I just received a degree in 2015, I must have a few brain cells left. It has so many medical uses and no known side effects. You can buy alcohol everywhere and everybody has had someone that alcohol has been the effected by it. In my long career of my smoking I have never heard of any one dying from smoking. My degree is in web and graphic design. Marijuana is all good.. Thanks for the comment and please like my comments, thanks Sruffey. 

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