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My hat is off for you joining Wealthy AffiliATE

I have been trying to make money since 2009 and I have found both the support and encouragement that I have found with no other program or anything I have bought. I have found a home here at WA it is the best place to go from nothing to making money online.

The struggle to start making money online.

Let me tell you my story, I painted cars for many years, 39 years to be exact. I loved doing that for a living, but in 2009 I got laid off. I drew unemployment for 30 months. it was after the two hurricanes hit Texas. While I wasn’t working I got on the internet, I fell in love with the idea of everything you ever wanted to know, you could find it online. I also it is the biggest place to buy or sell anything. I think it is up to a TRILLION dollars a year marketplace. After buying a few junk products that give you no idea on how to get started, I decided that would go to college. I studied web and graphic design, still all college does is show you the basics of the web and not how to put it into action. I finished school in 2014 with an associates degree, because I attended the wrong online school first was one credit short of having a Bachelor degree , it was Algebra II . I failed it 3 times by the same instructor, but when I went to the University of Phoenix I passed the course with a B+, was it me or the instructor. I applied for my disability got in 5 months, but the government doesn’t care if you starve or get homeless. I have lived on $770 a month since 2010. My wife died in 2015 and I have been homeless 4 times since. I was at my wits end. I have found something that gives me hope after looking for some platform for 9 years I have found something that works. Wealthy Affiliates has the best support and encouragement that I have found online, plus you can start for free. I have moved closer in three weeks, than I have gotten in 9 years. It has all the support and offers hosting with a Premium membership. If you just want to check it out here is the link, to get you started for free.

If you want to get right to it and go premium it is worth the small price that I think is the best way to go and I am on a fixed income. 

You will be so glad to have joined Wealthy Affiliates.

This is the best platform to learn how to make money online, the training will take you as far as you want to take your online business. Welcome to our community and we are glad to see you here. Click on the link above and we will see you soon. 

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